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Marvelous Masks Youth Art Contest

Getting kids to wear masks is a challenge. The Marvelous Masks Youth Art Contest hopes to help inspire young people and adults to comply with this new way to stay safer by encouraging their creativity.

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How Do Hospitals Dispose of Medical Waste During a Pandemic?

COVID-19 is causing a massive increase in medical waste. Specific waste disposal and treatment methods are implemented to prevent further infection.

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Do EHRs Push Nurses to Lie?

EHRs can be great. But they are not perfect. While they convey facts very well, they often miss out on the bigger story behind the facts. Sometimes, nurses have to end up checking boxes that don't totally fit the situation. Is that lying? Share your thoughts!

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Infection Prevention Misinformation

a nurse friend of mine at Country Bumpkin General tested positive for CV-19 yesterday. Like me, she does the right things, and avoids situations that could have led to this, and takes precautions.

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More critical thinking & knowledge: ER vs ICU?

So do you think ER or ICU nurses use more critical thinking? Who do you think uses more knowledge of patho, pharm, disease processes, etc? Especially if you’ve worked both, I’d love your insight.

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do male nurses face gender dias in nursing education?

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