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Why Am I So Exhausted?

Something is very different for me during these unsettled times we are currently living through. It seems every single day there is another serious situation that channels thru my body from the news and it keeps piling up over and over to the point that I feel I’m in a state of angst most of the time. Is that happening to you?

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How will the world will look like after the pandemic?

An optimist's take on what the future will look like after pandemic is over.

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Is “Perfectionism” in Nursing Students Healthy?

From orientation to graduation, nursing students face the high standards of a demanding program. Students often use the goal of “perfection” as motivation to do their best. But, the downside to perfectionism can be more stress, self-doubt, and depression.

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What's the dumbest thing you've done that you got written up for?

I did something stupid and I think I'm going to get written up for it. I need to hear other people's things they've done that they got written up for. I feel like a putz.

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Why is this LPN struggling so much to get into RN school?

Nursing school is hard , and so is applying for nursing school. I don't know what to do and think anymore.

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I started in March, just as COVID hit. I didn’t like the job, but thought I would give it a chance. 6 months on, COVID is not an issue where I am and things are back to normal. But I hate the job more than ever!!

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Orientation. Advice on precepting

I’m a 5 year med/surg tele nurse at a community hospital. It’s A large unit. I just started precepting a new hire/rehire about three weeks ago. She’s at week six already. I’m told she’s been working at an office as a health coach, but was in hospital several years ago.

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