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The Most Priceless Gift I’ve Ever Received

Especially in recent times, everybody around the world has been hailing nurses as “heroes.” However, what happens when a nurse needs a hero of their own? What constitutes a “nurse hero?”

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Earn your FNP in 24 Months

We created the MSN – Family Nurse Practitioner program so that working nurses like you could enroll in an exceptional program that is flexible and budget-friendly. Tuition under $24,000. Pay only $375 per month. 8-week terms. CCNE-accredited.

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Working from Home: Gift or More Stress

Transitioning from working “at work” to working at home can be a joy and a curse at the same time. Read on how you can make this transition go more smoothly.

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Elective surgeries during COVID-19 crisis with free access

Worldwide health institutions have issued temporary regulations to postpone not necessary surgical procedures and only perform urgent ones. These regulations must be followed. Such a situation has never existed before. This raises the question, what is an urgent operation and what is not?

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Inhalation Errors: Rethinking Devices for Your COPD Patients

Many patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) struggle to use their inhalers properly. Though COPD is the fourth-leading cause of death in the United States, proper treatment can help many patients manage their condition.

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Was I fired or did I quit? Do I have to report it to the BON?

Please advise how I should handle the “termination” versus “resignation.

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Board of Nursing Investigation for System Charting Error

I received an email from the BON compliance officer about wanting me to participate in an investigation. When I spoke with them, they stated it was about a med error for suboxone many months prior that 15 other nurses at the facility made.

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are sanitized N95 masks safe for reuse?

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