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Today is November 15, 2023. Editor's Picks... 😕 Epi Pen; NP vs MD Salary; Best Pediatric NP Programs; 😰 Admin Reporting Licenses; AACN vs ANCC; California RN-BSN; Are You A Team Player?; Kicked Out Of School Due to Seizure

New to School Nursing: I have epi-pen questions.

😕When to administer Epi-Pen?

New to school nursing. The last nurse left everything in a mess and there was not even a list of students with medical alerts. I have some questions...

Do NPs earn just as much as MDs in the first 10 years?

Comparing NP and MD Earning First 10 Years

I did a quick spreadsheet analysis of first 10 year earnings for a PMHNP (working as an employee) vs a psychiatrist in CA, and the results were surprising.

Steps to Become a PNP

Best Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP) Programs

Discover the best Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP) programs in 2024 for career growth. Explore online and on-campus options with curriculum details.

Kicked Out Of Class Due To Seizure

Had Seizure During Clinicals - Got Kicked Out of School

I had a seizure in clinicals and was kicked out of nursing school. Is there anyway I can get back in school somewhere else?

New Nurse: Help! I'm not sure what to believe.

😰License Being Reported By Admin

My administrator has told nurses that she's reporting licenses for neglect on falls if the fall paperwork is not complete. I heard that she reported a CNA and an LPN.

Is it worth getting AACN and ANCC certification?

Dual Certification Dilemma: AACN vs. ANCC for Career Advancement

As I prepare for the next step in my career, I'm seeking advice on whether obtaining both AACN and ANCC certifications is advantageous.

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Best RN to BSN in California

12 Best RN to BSN Programs in California

These are California's 12 best RN to BSN programs, along with information on career outlooks and salary expectations.

BON NCLEX PN Which State

I reside in Florida and failed twice. Anyone applied to another BON State and transferred to Florida?

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Team Player Gets Taken Advantage Of

How do you go about being a team player without getting taken advantage of?

CHLA Residency

Children's Hospital Los Angeles March 2024 Cohort

I'm creating an area for those of us who applied to the CHLA new graduate residency cohort of March 2024. I personally haven't heard anything regarding the first round interviews, and I was wondering if anyone else is in the same boat.

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