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Today is November 8, 2023. Editor's Picks... 🩸 Blood On Shoes!; 🔎Employer Search Work History?; NP Going Bedside; Renegotiating Pay; Midwestern University; RN-BSN; Is Nursing Bad?

Sharing Pas Work History With Employer

🔎Can my new employer search my work history?

Is it safe for me to not mention about some nursing jobs I had in the past?

Need Advice About New Job

NP Needs Advice On Quitting New Job

I'm thinking of going bedside but will it hurt me?

Have you renogiated your pay?

Renegotiating Pay

Kaiser is offering me $20 more than my employer! However, I would like to stay where I'm at. Has anyone ever renegotiated their pay?

I got blood on my shoes!

🩸I got blood on my shoes!

I cleaned them with hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, and wipes. I lysoled as well. There's no stain but should I still use the pair in the future?

Bedside Part Time

Return to bedside part time?

I'm currently full-time at a boring health clinic. I just got offered a bedside part-time job. It's exciting but nervous about going to bedside.

RN to BSN Programs Near Me

Best Online RN to BSN Programs

Discover the best online RN to BSN programs available in 2024 and take your nursing career to the next level. Learn about their prerequisites, requirements, costs, and salary expectations after graduation.

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Midwestern University CRNA

Midwestern University CRNA Applicants 2024

Super nervous! Midwestern University is officially the first school I have truly submitted to and hoping to get in. Anyone else?

Manager asked me to write a reflection on what I'm doing wrong.

New Grad Program, Not Meeting Goals

Managers suspended me and asked me to write a reflection on why I did not meet goals so that they can come up with a plan. Why? If they are going to terminate me?

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Is nursing burn out really that bad?

Is nursing burn out really that bad?

I want to study for an RN. But, I keep reading about all the negativity associated with the work environment where nurses are leaving the profession in droves.

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