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Today is November 22, 2023. Editor's Picks... 😡Rejected Again!; 🕟12-Hour Nights vs M-F; Emergency Nurse Practitioner; Multiple Job Offers; CRNA School?; NP No GRE Programs; First Assist; NICU w/ADN?; Capella; Bedside

🕟Twelve Hour Nights or M-F

I'm going for a M-F 8-430 position. Currently work 12hr nights Love the job and the patients. Hate the management games.

New Graduate Job Offers: OBS, ER, or ICU

Help! Multiple Job Offers

I am graduating nursing school in December and am trying to decide what my first job as a new graduate will be. I have narrowed my options down to three and would appreciate any tips on how to choose.

Best ENP Programs

Best Emergency Nurse Practitioner (ENP) Programs

Discover the best emergency nurse practitioner (ENP) programs in 2024, along with information on the role, responsibilities, and salary expectations.

Which CRNA School to go?

Deciding between two schools, one of which is Gonzaga and the other Georgetown.

Online NP No GRE Overview

9 Best Online Nurse Practitioner (NP) No GRE Programs

Discover the best online nurse practitioner (NP) programs that don't require the GRE. Learn about their prerequisites, costs, and salary expectations after graduation.

I want to be a nurse practitioner for this clinic and surgeon.

Should I go for First Assist?

I want to be a NP at my current job (clinic and surgeon). Right now, they only have PAs but no NPs. My surgeon said that if I got my first assist, I could become an NP in the clinic. What would this entail?

Chances of Getting Into NICU With an ADN

I've been told that I have a high chance of getting into NICU as a new grad with an associates in nursing.

Is this true?

2021 Graduate Getting Multiple Rejections

😡 I Keep Getting Rejected!

How can I improve my chances of gaining acceptance into a nurse residency program or inpatient position?

Going Back To Bedside

Anyone ever went back to bedside after trying nursing management? If so, did you feel it was a downgrade?

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Capella University RN-BSN

Capella RN-BSN

I am leaning toward Capella for my RN-BSN.  Is it really doable in 6 months for an RN that works 40+hrs a week M-F 8-5?

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