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My Visit to China: Could This Be A Reason Why Coronavirus Started There?

Unsanitary conditions in China make ideal breeding grounds for outbreaks like the coronavirus. I've visited China and the wet markets where the coronavirus is believed to have started. With the conditions I saw it's not surprising that this is where the outbreak may have begun.

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Nurses and Lice: Practical Tips

Does Just Hearing/Seeing the Word Lice Make You Itch? No nurse wants to deal with lice on the job but it happens. Here's what you need to know to help your patients (and yourself) deal.

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Cycling Energy - And It's Not About Bicycles

How Do You Effectively Manage YOUR Time and Energy? When some earth-shattering NEW content comes along about how to be a better manager of my time, be more productive, less stressed, have more time for family and fun, work more efficiently and be a better person, then of course I need to share. I am absolutely amazed and surprised about the content of a new program by colleague Kate Northrup called Make Time for Business. It is actually so new that it just launched February 4th with the opportunity to review the content for 24 hours before it goes up for sale, and of course I jumped on it to learn more and take advantage of this free offer.

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A Mannequin in my Room!

I was charge nurse Saturday night and was walking down the hall in the wee hours of the morning to compliment an LPN on her charting when a patient, Dobbs, came out of his room and asked, "Why is there a mannequin in my room?!" I replied, "There is no mannequin in your room". Dobbs then asked, "Well then, what's that?!"

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Would this be considered abandonment?

So I work in a poorly managed post acute/LTC we don’t even have DON at this moment (within the past 3 months it’s the third one that quit). I work 7-3pm only RN for 120+ pt’s and very often it happens that the next shift is either 2 hr late or no show. Last Sunday I worked by myself and of course nobody showed up for 3-11 pm shift, administrator made me stay even though I didn’t want to and ended up doing 16hr shift. The most frustrating part of this is that nobody informs me about who is coming to the next shift. I’m so frustrated, my question is: If I clock out at 3 pm and go would that be considered an abandonment?

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Accept and Adapt or Warning Sign: Attention-Needy Patients Burning Me Out

I am a later in life RN (46 yo.) Nurse for 2 years. 1 yr hospice, 1 yr skilled/rehab unit in LTC. Hospice: too many HOURS so i switched to 3-12hrs on a rehab unit. I dont like what its doing to my PERSONALITY. Since its an ltc, a LOT of our pts are more "attention needy" than medically needy. Ex: call lights to "empty garbage"...

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Coronavirus continues to spread...

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