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Bill Approved to Limit Treatment for Transgender Youth

A bill sent to the Senate in South Dakota would penalize physicians who provide treatments for transgender youth. Lawmakers from other states are considering similar bills as advocacy groups stand in opposition. Read on to learn about the debate around House Bill 1057.

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I was fired. Should I leave it off my resume?

I have just been fired from my first hospital job as a new grad after having been oriented for 2 months. Although it was devastating, I am quite relieved as I've come to learn that ER is not where I want to be right now. That being said, how do I approach this in my resume and interviews?

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Putting in orders without an order.

Do you ever or have you ever put in orders without actually getting an order from the doctor? The other nurses on my unit do it all the time. Lab orders, restraints, modifying medication orders, and I've seen some even put in medication orders. I can't bring myself to do it, mainly because I'm worried it will land me trouble both at work and with the BON.

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Is this rude or is it just me?

One time I was giving a patient meds and the tech came in and said "the patient in X room wants their meds". I just said "I'm working on it." And the patient I was with said "I'm pulling you away from your work." This sort of thing is rude. Thoughts?

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Death and Denial. Need Advice

I am looking for advice on how to respond to a patient who is in denial about their terminal illness. Patient is in an acute care setting and prognosis gives the patient about two weeks to live. MD has communicated all this to the patient and family.

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CBD Administration in School?

Does anyone administer CBD at school? Do you have a policy? If so, what is it? We have one student who takes CBD oil for seizures.. another one is on medical marijuana. Our policy prohibits the marijuana. No policy on CBD.

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