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When Nurses Say the Wrong Thing: 4 Ways to Improve

We all mess up from time to time and say the wrong thing. This article focuses on some specific things we can do that will help improve our practice.

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Earn your FNP in 24 Months

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Supporting New Nurses in Their First Year

New nurses need ongoing support after they complete their mandatory orientation period. Here are a few practical things everyone on the unit can do to help.

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Defining Practice-Ready Nurses in Today’s Healthcare Environments: Why Comprehensive Education and Lifelong Learning is an Imperative

Casey Hobbs and Anne Dabrow Woods are featured in a recently released video series—“Care without Judgement”— that provides an intimate look at nurses who are balancing the art of nursing in practice with the many challenges and changes in today’s healthcare profession.

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Nurses: This One Tiny Writing Tweak Makes Your Articles More Engaging

For a writer, nothing beats the feeling of posting an article at allnurses.com and watching the “views” ratchet up and up and up, followed by seeing the replies (comments) unfurl into a long thread.

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What is the lowest hemoglobin you've observed with no symptoms?

I often see this question regarding heart rates, but what about H & H? Have you ever gotten lab results on someone who seems normal and then you get a call about a 5 or 6 hemoglobin?

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Would this be considered abandonment?

I work in a poorly managed post acute/LTC we don’t even have DON at this moment (within the past 3 months it’s the third one that quit). I work 7-3pm only RN for 120+ pt’s and very often it happens that the next shift is either 2 hr late or non show.

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The Evolution of Using Telehealth in Patient Care

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