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Nurses, Get Ready for Amazon Prime Day 2019

We know nurses LOVE deals. With your busy schedules, it may be hard to shop in person. But Amazon has brought the convenience of online shopping to us for years. Now you can participate in Amazon Prime Day along with everyone else... no matter what shift you work

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Utilizing CSI to Reduce Central Line Infections - Meet the CLABSI Rangers

Critically ill patients often need central line access. However, with the insertion of a central line, the risk for infection rises significantly.

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Pay $250 per Month for your BSN

Modern nurses need a modern BSN Program. With 100% online coursework, payments to fit your monthly budget, and a quality & CCNE-accredited education from leading industry professionals, you have no excuse not to get started today.

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Ethics in Nursing - An Interview with Alethea Sment

Nurses face ethical dilemmas on a daily basis. allnurses.com wanted to explore this topic more deeply.

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Sexual Harassment in Healthcare: Virginia Doctor Inappropriately Touches Nurse

How would you react if a physician or other male coworker brushed against you inappropriately? For one Virginia nurse, she knows exactly how she would react because it happened to her. Discover sexual assault statistics and the details of this case.

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Treating Chronic Pain - Have you heard of Dry Needling? Pt. 1

Why can’t we solve the pain problem? The history of pain management is one of balance. Healthcare providers seek to improve the quality of their patients’ lives, but fear making people vulnerable to addictions.

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How to Remain Relevant as You Age

It seems once you reach your Third Act there is a never ending stream of revelations you never knew, or paid attention to before. Not just that some body parts and functions are changing, and not always for the better, but also changes in professional strengths.

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An Ode to Hospice Nursing

A hospice nurse's role contains several jobs in one, sort of like those Russian nesting dolls. Take a look at the many hats a hospice nurse wears, all from a fellow hospice nurse's point of view.

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How to Keep Home Health Patients out of the Hospital?

Home health patients are vulnerable to readmissions. Let's discuss how to keep them at home...

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Community Health Nursing: What Better Partnership Could There Be?

Community Health Nursing: What Better Partnership Could There Be? "I did my time in the hospital", I reply when asked what kind of nurse I was. You see, I am a retired nurse with approximately 50 years of experience, primarily in public or community health.

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