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RNs giving patient lab results

Patient discharged after being hospitalized in ICU for sepsis. Patient calls RN to find out results of urine and blood cultures. RN sends the physician an email requesting the he contact the patient to provide the results.

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Caught Sleeping on Night Shift

Dear Nurse Beth, I was caught sleeping on a HH night shift. Will I lose my license?

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Continuing Education/Career Development Question

I've been working in the ED for most of my nursing career (a short 8 years), but only as an RN for 1 year. I've always been enthusiastic about opportunities to attend education sessions (i.e. SA AirLife sessions, various local conferences, etc.) because I have a desire to be the best I can be at this career.

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Advice, Applying for Home Hospice RN

For those who have extensive experience as a hospice/palliative nurse, any advice, experiences, you would like to share?

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Vascular Access RNs

I recently transferred to a vascular access team and was wondering what other hospitals’ policies are regarding when to start PICC training. My current hospital requires a minimum of 2 years in VAT regardless of previous experience and only day shifters get trained.

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Floor to the OR?

I just graduated nursing school 6 months ago and started on a surgical/tele floor at a big, trauma one level hospital. I know I am new (2 months now) and still have no idea what I am doing, but I do not like it AT ALL.

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how to quiet your busy mind after your shift

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