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Today is July 27, 2022. Editor's Picks... 😤 Wearing Tracking Device; Hired Dayshift Switched To Nights; Managing Upset Patients; Life Is Short; LVAD?; Immature Coworkers; Copyright laws, and Allergic Contact Dermatitis

Should nurses be forced to wear tracking device?

😤 Can I refuse to carry a tracking device at work?

The relief charge nurse told me to take the tracking device home. I responded "I do not feel comfortable taking hospital property back home" As a matter of fact, I am afraid that device can track my GPS location?
Is this a violation of privacy?

Hired Dayshift But Switched To Nightshift

Got An Offer For Dayshift But Was Asked To Work Nightshift

I got a call yesterday and they are asking me to start working nightshift first since they are currently understaffed during night. Is this common and what do nurses think about this?
Please give me any ideas and advice! 
What to do?

How Do You Manage Upset Patients?

Tips for Handling Upset Patients

My job includes triaging our walk-in patients and speaking to patients when they say they want to see a manager. This means I see a lot of patients who are angry. Here are some things that help me navigate these situations.
How do you handle upset patients?

Left Hospital Nursing: Living A Less Stressful Life

I Left hospital nursing.

I am having a lot less stressful life these days because I'm just doing a little bit of home infusion and a little bit of Occupational Health.
What are you doing now?

What Is An LVAD? What should I do with it?

What is a Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD)? | Knowledge is Power

If you are a nurse at a rural hospital, you may have had a patient arrive at your hospital with an LVAD. Read this article to learn more about LVADs and what steps you can take if you happen to have a patient show up at your hospital with an LVAD.
Learn More

Life Is Short: Share Your Life Lessons

Advice / Life Lessons

My current work is very challenging and fulfilling. But I only arrived here after spending about 5 years getting angrier and angrier about nursing, developing a hatred of large employers of nurses and just refusing to walk away from poor treatment.
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ARRGGHH! Coworkers Half My Age And Immature

Mid-Life Blues

I'm a 50 yo new nurse working nights on a med-surg unit. I love my work but my coworkers are unbearable!
Is this normal?

How familiar are you with copyright laws?

Copyright Do’s and Don't’s for Nurses and Educators

When creating nursing content, it's important to know copyright laws so you can avoid copyright infringement.
Read more

Understanding Allergic Contact Dermatitis

The Ins and Outs of Allergic Contact Dermatitis | Knowledge is Power

Allergic Contact Dermatitis (ACD) is triggered by household and workplace allergens. If you're noticing a rash popping up around the days when you change into hospital-laundered scrubs, these two variables may be related.
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