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Today is July 20, 2022. Editor's Picks... DNP vs PhD, NCLEX Changes; 😫 Coworkers Driving Me Nuts; Push Ativan?; Leave of Absence?; Helping People; Get Outside; and Eating Healthy

What are things that your coworkers do that drive you nuts?

😫 My Coworkers are Driving Me Nuts

There have been things that my coworkers do that really get on my nerves. I'd like to say something to them, but sometimes it's better just to keep my mouth shut.
What drives you nuts?

Is it wrong to push IV Ativan?

IV Push Ativan

I just want to get clarity on Ativan. I keep blaming myself for my mom's death. Is it WRONG to push IV Ativan??
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Has anyone taken an extended leave of absence?

Taking a Long Leave of Absence from Work

I've been contemplating taking a 4 week leave of absence from work. I lost 13 lbs of weight in 1 month, when I never needed to lose weight to begin with.
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DNP vs PhD: Which degree is right for me?

DNP or PhD: Which One is for Me?

DNP- and PhD-prepared nurses are in high demand now. While both degree options complement each other, they can lead to different career outcomes. Here's some things to consider before choosing either one.
Are you considering DNP or PhD?

Are NCLEX Changes Fair?

A Deep Dive into NCLEX Next Generation 2023

The NCSBN has decided to make changes to the NCLEX in April 2023, called NCLEX Next Generation. The possible impacts of these changes are explored, including the impact on nursing students, finances, and the nursing profession as a whole.
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Control Weight By Eating Healthy

How Healthy Eating Can Help with Weight Loss

Advice on how to make healthy changes in your diet that can help with weight loss.
Are you eating healthy?

If you get a prescription to 'get outside' would you?

Nature, the Ultimate Prescription

Studies have proven the considerable benefits of spending time in nature and Doctors find that prescribing their patients' activities in parks and other green spaces, is a successful way to get them outdoors and on their way to healthy living.
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Helping People Get The Care They Deserve

Charge Nurse at a FQHC

Ambulatory care offers a different setting but many of the same frustrations as in-patient care.
Advocating For Patients

Could a nurse lose license for med error?

Is this discrimination against nurse with prior brain injury?

I recently made a liquid Tylenol med error and my manager brought up my past injury when I was hospitalized there and questions if it had to do with my error and me being unsafe.
What do you think?

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