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Today is August 3, 2022. Editor's Picks... πŸ€” Degree or Experience?; πŸ’° Article Contest; Staff Retention; Disconnected From Patients; Accreditation; NICU RN Nannies?; Venous Access; Skip Pinning; and Charting Investigation

Do You Feel More Emphasis Is Placed On Degrees Rather Than Experience?

πŸ€” Degree over Experience?

Do you feel that more emphasis is placed on what degree(s) a nurse has rather than experience?
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Article Contest: Has The Media Killed Common Sense?

πŸ’° Article Contest β€” Has the Media Killed Common Sense When it Comes to Making Healthcare Decisions?

Article Contest ($1,000 PRIZES) This contest is open to nurses, health professionals, and nursing students. Although you don't have to be an experienced writer, you do need to be a registered allnurses member. 
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Is this order only one per day or when needed?

What does this order permit? In terms of frequency?

Tylenol 3 - Take 1 to 2 tablets daily when required for pain. Max daily limit 3000mg from all sources. ο»ΏIs this only one per day or when needed (more than once) Or when required as long as the 3000mg limit is not exceeded? 
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How do you improve staff retention?

Five Tips for Health Care Administrators to Reduce Staff Burnout and Increase Retention Rate

Nurses are leaving their current workplace to find employment elsewhere, even considering other occupations. Here are five ways to promote staff retention and overall satisfaction.
What do you think?

Is your nursing program accredited?

What You Need to Know About Accreditation | Knowledge is Power

Picking the right school is so important. Too many students have been devastated by choosing a school for the wrong reasons or without knowing how to perform due diligence. Here's an informative article on accreditation.
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NICU Nurses Are Not Nannies: Am I wrong to feel this way?

NICU Nurses Are Not Nannies

I can’t be the only NICU nurse who feels like a nanny when I’m changing a diaper in a room while their parent sits on their phone. I think it’s ridiculous that I often have to prompt parents to care for their child.
Am I wrong to feel like this?

I decided to skip pinning. Did you?

Skipping Pinning

Anyone else here decide to skip it? It was just stressing me out and it’s over two hours away from my home.
Did you skip your pinning?

Advocating For Patients: Appropriate Venous Access

How to Advocate for the Right Line, in the Right Patient, at the Right Time?

Patient safety is enhanced whenever we use evidence-based guidelines and practices. Using MAGIC to guide line selection for your patient reduces their risk of harm. MAGIC is one more tool to help nurses advocate on a patient’s behalf.
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Have you found yourself disconnected from your patients?

Compassion Fatigue | Knowledge is Power

This Article defines compassion fatigue, discusses associated symptoms and offers interventions.
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