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Today is June 9, 2021. Editor's Picks... Crazy Night! Need Pointers; 😔 Orientee Failing; Hospital Reform; Reshaping Healthcare; Transformational Leader; and Nurse Advocate for Change.

Could my shift have been done differently?

Time Management

by harvestmoon, RN

Last night was crazy and I'm looking for pointers. New grad; licensed for 9 months and 3 months into first real hospital job (step down ICU). I'm also 60 years old (and I wonder if that has anything to do with it).
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Worried for my orientee, it's not going well.

😔 Setting my orientee up for failure?

by NightNerd, BSN, RN

I'm precepting a new grad who will be on nights. We are in week eight by now, and I'm starting to feel like I've failed her. I'm hoping to hear any advice you guys have; I've got one more week with her and then she'll orient on nights for two weeks, then be on her own.
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Understanding Florence Nightingale Then And Now

Florence Nightingale on Hospital Reform: Understanding Florence Then and Now

by CDungey

Understanding what Florence Nightingale stood for and fought for is integral to understanding what she would stand and fight for today. In today's healthcare environment, many of the same issues exist. While we have made advances in many areas, there are still blocks to a healthy holistic healthcare environment, not only for patients, but nurses and healthcare workers too.
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What would Florence Nightingale change today?

The Nightingale Solution

by cherylrenee 

Nightingale's assessment of healthcare and the nursing profession today would call for major changes and nurses should be instrumental in reshaping healthcare of the future.
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How would Nightingale's mission provoke change today?

Florence Nightingale: A Transformational Leader

by TonyaMarie

Florence Nightingale was a trailblazer in her time with her works serving as the basis for nursing education in the 19th and 20th centuries. An advocate for holistic health, Nightingale's leadership of the time centered on aspects of health care that focused on both physical healing and...
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What would Nightingale say about nursing today?

The Inspirations of Florence Nightingale: Nurses Advocate For Change in a Time of Crisis

by Esther Greenburg

What would Florence Nightingale say about the nursing profession today, especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic? I think she would be fearlessly outspoken about the shortcomings in nursing and extremely proud of the continued advocacy for both nurse and patient. Who was this "Lady of the Lamp" and how has she influenced nursing today?
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Seeking RN for Camp Nurse Position…
RN Acute-Surgery-Methodist
RN II Cardiac Rehab -PD Days
RN I - Wound Care - PT Days
Registered Nurse - Day Shift

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