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Today is June 11, 2021. Editor's Picks... 💉 Vaccine Incentives; Fake It Until You Make It; Nurse Esthetician; Noise Pollution; Answer The Call; and No Excuses!

Are vaccine incentives necessary?

💉 COVID-19 Vaccine Incentives

by NRSKarenRN, BSN, RN

Multiple vaccine incentives are now being offered to those getting vaccinated this month to meet CDC/President Biden's goal of 70% adult vaccination by July 4th, 2021. Are they necessary?
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Can you fake it until you make it?

Florence Didn't Fake It

by Leah Mraz, BSN

New nurses are often told to "fake it until they make it" but one key ingredient to nursing can't be faked: its purpose of caring for the whole patient.
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How would Nightingale have handled the response to COVID?

Inpatient Nurses Answered the Call

by peblevins 

This article identifies the visionary practices of Florence Nightingale that were practiced during the COVID-19 response but without her vigor and determination which could have led to the response being less than adequate. It identifies that inpatient nursing met the call despite enormous barriers.
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Interested in becoming a nurse esthetician?

How do I become a nurse esthetician?

by Nurse Beth, MSN

Have you ever thought about being a Nurse Esthetician but have some questions - What do they do? What kind of training is needed? Where do they work? This article answers these questions and more. Feel free to post any additional questions you have.
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What would Flo say? Noise Pollution In The Hospital Setting

Florence Nightingale’s Perspective on Noise Pollution in the Modern-Day Hospital

by Era Mae Ferron, BSN, MSN, PhD, RN

What would Florence advise that nurses do about noise pollution in hospitals? Perhaps she would first praise us for our innovations because they prevent diseases, cure illnesses, and prolong life. Then she would point out that our innovations create noise which is a “cruel absence of care”.
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I never gave nor accepted excuses.

What Would Florence Say if She Could See Us Now

Some years ago on a trip to London I visited the Florence Nightingale Museum. Humbled by the achievements of her life, never was I more proud to call myself “nurse” nor more inspired and challenged to live up to her tireless efforts, her vision and example which set the bar for the nursing profession. A high one.
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