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Today is June 4, 2021. Editor's Picks... 😞 Feeling Stuck; What Would Flo Say?; How To Choose A Specialty; Building Relationships; Nightingale Strong; and Cheaters Show Their Work Ethics.

What If Florence got hold of a time-twisting cell phone?

Texting with Florence Nightingale - What would she say?

by nikkulele77, BSN

Florence Nightingale would certainly have some things to say about current nursing practices, culture, and challenges, both positive and negative. Why don't we reach back to the past and see how some of her sage advice might apply to us today?
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How can I pick a specialty?

Should I Specialize?

by Ellie Kearney, BSN, RN

Specializing in a new area can feel like a completely new career. It can help anyone who is feeling stuck in their nursing job find something new and reignite their passion for nursing once again. Let's talk about how to find the specialty you are best suited for...
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Feeling Stuck: Any nursing positions that are lighter mentally?

😞 Hate My Job But Feel There Is No Way Out

by Aliceozwalker

Does anyone else feel they are locked into 2 years of bedside nursing? Are there any other positions someone could recommend that would be lighter on me mentally or have more regular hours? I feel so stuck and frustrated.
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How do you promote good working relationships?

Building a Good Working Relationship: A Key to Reducing Increasing Stress Levels Amongst Nurses

by Maxwell Kpeem

Nurses can reduce stress through a variety of means. One of the ways nurses can reduce workplace stress is by developing and maintaining a good working relationship. This article shows how nurses can maintain a good working relationship and the benefits that they'll get doing that.
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Nightingale Strong!

What Would Nightingale Think of Us Now?

by GingerFowler

Some thoughts on what Florence Nightingale would think of today's Nursing profession. Add your thoughts...
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What can you do about cheaters in school?

Cheating in Pre-Reqs

Cheating is like committing a sin. Before you even start your program, you have shown your work ethics. Cheating happens, some people get away with it, and others reap the consequences of their actions. Here are my stories from prereqs, why it's much worse than what people think.
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Nursing Jobs

Seeking RN for Camp Nurse Position…
RN I MED/SURG (PT Nights) Henderson
Geriatric Nursing Assistant (GNA) | Earn Bonuses
RN Ortho Neuro Trauma
Registered Nurse Cardiac Care Unit

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