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Today is June 2, 2021. Editor's Picks... Clinical Educator Crossed Line;  New Grad vs Experienced RN; Solutions for Short Staffing?; Letter to Flo; Lack of Hand Hygiene; and Passing the NLN PAX.

Clinical Instructor Crossed the Line

Unprofessional Clinical Educator.. What would you do?

by hama1111, RN

There have been two occasions where the clinical educator has inappropriately approached me about an unrelated topic while I’m doing my morning assessment on a patient. I think this is inappropriate and I’m almost tempted to speak up because this is the second time she’s done something similar, but curious to know everyone’s thoughts.
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Is it easier to train new grad RN or experienced RN?

Which nurse is easier to train in med surg?

by Iluvnightshift

Is it easier to train a new grad RN or an experienced 18 year RN that never worked in acute care to med surg? Especially if the experienced RN worked her entire career working private duty through an agency.
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Is there a solution for

Short Staffed: An Epidemic

by KellyM RN, BSN, RN

I have only been a nurse for a couple years and in that time I have found one issue that unites all nurses: a deep loathing for an under-staffed unit. We’ve all experienced it, we all hate it. So how does it keep happening? To understand the how, we must start with the what.
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What would Florence think of us today?

Dear Florence...


A letter to Florence Nightingale, inviting her to observe modern nurses in the midst of the 2020 Covid pandemic.
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What would Flo say about hand hygiene today?

Florence Nightingale and Hand Hygiene

by Terry N 

What would Florence think about our hand hygiene practice or lack of? A look at the lack of hand hygiene performance from the eyes of Florence Nightingale.
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How do I prepare for the NLN PAX exam?

How to Pass the NLN PAX and Curb Testing Anxiety

by TheNursingDoll

People have done crazy things in their search for the perfect nursing job ... What have you done or are doing to get your dream job?
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