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Today is April 7, 2021. Editor's Picks... ❤️ 🩹 Time to Heal, "Thank You For Your Service", Little Things Are BIG, Wash Hands & Sanitize?, LPN to RN, and How To Deal With Cliques At School.

How are you dealing with the COVID pandemic?

Nurses Begin Trauma Recovery from COVID

by jeastridge, BSN, RN

COVID-19 has been hard on nurses. Now that we are beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel, we are reflecting a bit on the trauma of the last year. Our hope is that we can help one another process and heal from any trauma that might possibly have occurred.
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How do you feel when people "thank you for your service"?

"Thank you for your service"

by Emergent, RN

When people find out I'm a nurse these days, they keep thanking me for my service, like they do to the military. I want to roll my eyes at this point. Is this happening to you?
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Little Things Are Big: What puts a smile on your face?

The Good Moments

by CalicoKitty, BSN, RN

There are some crazy stressful days at work. How about some of those small things during shifts that make up for it?
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Is it normal not to wash hands - only sanitize?

Is it normal for HH nurses to not wash hands with soap and water?

by Runsoncoffee99

ALL of the HH nurses I observed while precepting did not wash their hands with soap and water. They just used hand sanitizer. I ALWAYS washed my hands and use hand sanitizer if needed. What prevents HH nurses from washing their hands?
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LPN to RN: Where to start?

LPN wants to transition to RN

Dear Nurse Beth,

I am an LPN wanting to transition to RN. I just moved to NJ and I am lost as to where to start. I started with Achieve Test Prep and soon found out it was a big mistake. I do not know where to go from here and I am in my late 50's.
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Nursing Jobs

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
RN-Mental Health Unit
Registered Nurse (RN) | Up to $3,500 per week
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) (remote)
RN NICU Level 3
Have you been a victim of bullying?

My Experience with Cliques and Bullies and How I Learned to Deal with Them

by TheNursingdoll

Unfortunately, you'll find yourself dealing with cliques during Pre-reqs. I've dealt with them, from being bullied, childish rumors, and lies. I'm not a self-help guru by any means, but I'll give you the "types" of mean girls/guys I ran into, the experiences I've had with them, and tips that I’ve learned along the way. 
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