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Today is April 2, 2021. Editor's Picks... 🧠 Moyamoya Disease?, How To Get Lapsed License Back, Advancement Without Masters?, Passing A&P, and Summer Prerequisite Classes.

What is Moyamoya Disease?

🧠 Moyamoya Disease | Knowledge Brush-Up

by J.Adderton, BSN, MSN

I recently cared for a patient diagnosed with moyamoya disease. I had never heard of the disease and desperately needed a knowledge brush up. Read on to find out what I learned about this rare condition.
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Can I get an RN job with a 2.92 GPA?

Is it possible to get a RN job with a 2.92 GPA?

by Violet Day

I've heard that students won't get hired if they have a GPA below 3.0. It shows that they didn't take nursing school seriously. Is it possible to get a decent RN job with that GPA, or into any new grad residencies?
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Find Your Dream Job

Nursing Jobs

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) | Up to $2,000 per week
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I Miss Nursing. How can I get my license back?

My License Lapsed and I Want to Practice Nursing Again

Dear Nurse Beth,

Due to grief, I forgot to renew my license (lapsed 5 years ago). I began to look for refresher courses. I am heartbroken to not be a nurse anymore. Is there a retired status or anything? Is there any part of nursing I can do? I miss it.
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What's the best way to finish your prerequisites?

Top 5 Easiest Classes To Take As A Beginner Pre-nursing Student

by TheNursingdoll

As a pre-req student are you confused about your summer course load? Don't be! This article contains the most easiest classes there are for a pre-nursing student that will not stack on stress!
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How to pass anatomy & physiology

How to Be Successful in Anatomy and Physiology

by TheNursingdoll

I've never seen anything like it. Anatomy and Physiology was the first class that ever stressed me out and drove me to tears. While it took me a few attempts, I've learned what works through trial and error. Here are my tips from my experiences of Anatomy and Physiology from my experiences.
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Do I need my Master's in Nursing to advance?

Do I need my Master's in Nursing to advance?

Dear Nurse Beth,

I received my BSN in 2019 and my only job has been in a bone marrow transplant. I use to work as a vascular tech for 10 years and have a masters in health science. My question is what can I do with my BSN and my masters in health science that is not bedside nursing? Or do I need to get my masters in nursing to advance?
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