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Today is March 31, 2021. Editor's Picks... 😨 My Child Has COVID!, Doctor Blaming Me For Own Mistake, Bad Experience w/Dementia Patient, Finding My Passion in Nursing, and April Fools' Day.

My Child Has COVID. Positive exposure at school.

😨 COVID In The House—Literally!

by T-Bird78

I got the call we’ve been dreading. My son’s 3rd grade class had a positive COVID exposure and his entire class has to quarantine for 2 weeks. Friday evening my son was feeling sick to his stomach then started vomiting. Saturday morning he was still vomiting. I took him to the ER and had him tested. My 9 year old has COVID.
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Upsetting Foley Insertion with Dementia Patient

😔 Upsetting Foley Insertion in a Confused Dementia Patient

by wernicke, BSN, RN

I had an elderly female patient with dementia who required a Foley Cath. She became upset. Yelling "no! no! no!" then began crying, saying "Why? Why? Why?", "I'm a good girl! Why? What's going to happen to me now?", "I'm ruined", etc. Is this inevitable?
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Doctor trying to blame me for own mistake

Doctor Trying To Blame Blunder On Me

by nurselambda 

I work at an outpatient surgery center where minor surgeries and pain management procedures are performed. Those type of interventions are routinely done under MAC, or "twilight sedation". I work there as a perioperative nurse for some time now...
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How did you pass microbiology?

How to Be Successful in Microbiology Class

by TheNursingdoll

Yes, you can pass microbiology! Here are some tips to get you through it...
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How did you find your passion for nursing?

👩‍⚕️ Is this all there is for me? Finding my passion... 

by Carol Ebert, MSN, RN

I assumed my role would involve bedside nursing, and since my mother had also been a nurse and loved it, I assumed I would feel the same way. Little did I know, that not all nurses fall into the same category.
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Do you dread April Fools Day? 🤣

Do you dread April Fools Day? Share your jokes/pranks

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