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Today is April 9, 2021. Month-Long Nurses Week Celebration Starts Today! Editor's Picks... Gross Me Out 🤮, Oh, Oh, Diarrhea, Nurses Refusing to Give Vaccine, Vintage Equipment, Davey Do Toon, Memorable Moment, and more.

NURSES WEEK Contests Are Here!

Month-Long Nurses Week Celebration Starts Today! Win Over $1,700 in Prizes!

by allnurses

Nurses Week starts May 6 but we are starting our celebrations today! We are starting with 7 contests. Each winner will receive a $100 amazon gift card ($700 total prizes). In May, we will announce the 8th contest — Nurses Week Article Contest ($1,000 total prizes).
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Unexplained Diarrhea and Weight Loss | Nursing Case Study

Unexplained Diarrhea and Weight Loss: What’s going on? | Case Study

by SafetyNurse1968, ADN, BSN, MSN, PhD

A new case study in which the patient, a 28 y/o white female presents to a primary care clinic complaining of recurrent diarrhea. She first experienced diarrhea three years ago after undergoing reconstructive jaw surgery following a motor vehicle accident.
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Identify the Medical Equipment Nurses Week Contest

Can You Identify the Medical Equipment?

by siri, MSN, APRN, NP

Below you will find 6 images used in nursing and medicine. They are quite interesting and possibly a little scary. Correctly identify the image(s) and you can win a $100 Amazon Gift Card courtesy of Just Cause Scrubs
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Caption Contest: Toon provided by Davey Do

Davey Do Toon Caption Contest

by allnurses

This cartoon, provided by Davey Do, needs a caption. Help us find the perfect caption and you can win a $100 Amazon Gift Card courtesy of CM&F Malpractice Liability Insurance
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What's your 'oh gross' moment in nursing?

Gross Me Out 🤮 Contest

by Joe V

You ever had those moments that you just want to barf? Of course you have! In this glorious Nurses Week contest, I want you to make us do just that. 🤢 Is that too disgusting? 'Cmon. This will be fun.
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Share your most memorable COVID moment

Your MOST Memorable (or Unforgettable) COVID Moment

by allnurses

This pandemic is different for everyone. As part of our 2021 Nurses Week celebration, we want you to share your Most Memorable (or Unforgettable) COVID Moments. This can be a personal story or one that was passed on to you.
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Can you provide the winning caption for this student toon?

Student Toon Caption Contest 

by allnurses

Did someone say stress? Not here. School is stress-free. (Says no one ever! 😜)  When under stress just laugh. Give it a try? Look at the toon above ... can you provide a laugh-inducing caption for this toon? I know you can. 
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Can you refuse to administer COVID vaccine?

Nurses Refusing to Administer COVID-19 Vaccinations!?

by SafetyNurse1968, ADN, BSN, MSN, PhD

There’s a lot of controversy about the COVID-19 vaccines. I’ve seen articles about how it causes infertility, autoimmunity and even death. Almost 50% of my students have expressed vaccine hesitancy due to fear and misinformation. 
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