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Today is February 19, 2021. Editor's Picks... COVID Travel Pay Rates, Cleaning Agents = COPD In Nurses, Patient Demands Impacting Others, Wellness Reshaping Healthcare, Critical Thinking, PTO Restrictions, and Has Isolation Affected You?

Are COVID travel pay rates real? How do you select a good recruiter?

Is this COVID-era travel money for real?? Sustainable?

by anchorRN, BSN, MSN, RN, APRN

I keep getting emails and ads popping up on social media that are offering crazy weekly pay rates for Travel RNs. I've seen some offering 6K per week. Is this pay projected to be around for a while?
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Do cleaning agents compromise lung health?

Cleaning Products May Increase Risk for COPD in Nurses

by J.Adderton, BSN, MSN

According to new study findings, nurses are between 25% and 36% more likely to develop COPD from using cleaning products and chemicals in the prevention of infection. Read on to learn more about the study’s findings.
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What to do when a patient impacts care of other patients?

When One Patient Affects the Care Other Patients Receive

by SilverBells, BSN

We had a patient admit late last week who has done nothing but file grievances and complaints. While some of the complaints are valid (e.g. long call light waits in some instances), others are ridiculous. What do you do with a patient like this?
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Should healthcare and wellness merge?

How Wellness Trends Might Reshape Healthcare as We Know It

by Carol Ebert, MSN, RN

Wellness started taking center stage after COVID hit. It has become the Big Pharma alternative because of the limitations of our healthcare system. The real challenge for wellness is to go to a deeper level... 
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Have you struggled with Critical Thinking?

Critical Thinking is MUCH more than an NCLEX Buzzword

by Damion Jenkins, MSN, RN

Nursing students hear the term "Critical Thinking" a lot during their program of study, it’s often a skill that takes experience and practice to master. It is essential to understand that critical thinking is much more than an NCLEX buzzword.
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PTO Restrictions: Only allowed to take 2 out of 5 weeks for PTO; The rest cash out

The Honeymoon That Never Came

by Merrie82, RN

I'm feeling particularly salty and crusty about this PTO policy, and wish I had known of it before I accepted this position. I like my job, but I also am very much appreciative of my days off. What's your PTO policy? Same?
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How has isolation affected you during COVID?

Take Note of the Small Stuff 

by W. Barding, BSN, RN

We have all been quarantined, separated and isolated from loved ones and friends for months and let's face it, our mental health has clearly been affected. According to an article in Frontiers in Psychology social isolation has been linked to anxiety and depression. This should not be taken lightly; we need to take steps to help prevent the downward spiral of our emotional health. 
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