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Today is February 17, 2021. Editor's Picks... 😱 Faces Are Looking Weird, Vaccine Mistakes, Trapped in Job, I Shouldn't Be A Nurse, Backlash For Not Taking Vaccine, and You Need A Mentor!

Is it just me? People are starting to look strange when they remove their mask.

😱 COVID Faces

by TheMoonisMyLantern, ADN, LPN, RN

I have noticed that at work when a co-worker slips their mask down ... they just look strange almost deformed. Is anyone else experiencing this? I really hope I'm not having a COVID psychotic break.
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Don't make these COVID vaccination mistakes

Beware! 2020 Top Medication Errors and Hazards

by J.Adderton, BSN, MSN

The Institute for Safe Medical Practices (ISMP) recently released its Top 10 Medication Errors and Hazards from 2020, including COVID-19 related risks. Read on for a sneak peek at the list and learn how you can avoid these medication pitfalls.
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Beginning to think I shouldn't be a nurse

The golden first year?

by pinkdoves, BSN

It's been over a year and I still hate my life. I am usually a very happy and positive person but ever since I became a nurse I've been so depressed and not like myself. When will this get better?
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Do you feel trapped in your job?

7 Reasons Why You May Feel Stuck In Your Job 

by J.Adderton, BSN, MSN

Perhaps you are waiting on a pay raise or other major change to revive your passion for the job. The nursing profession is brimming with career options, yet it is easy to feel stuck in a career trap.  Read on to learn 7 reasons why nurses often feel stuck and unable to forward.
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Are you getting backlash for NOT taking the vaccine?

Getting Flack For Not Getting Covid Vaccine

by EDnurseAmen, RN

Anyone else declined the Covid vaccine and feeling backlash with co-workers? Not sure why it should even matter but, I am getting a lot of pressure about it. Is anyone else experiencing this? How are you handing it?
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Why do you need a mentor?

4 Reasons Nurses Need Mentors

by Melissa Mills, BSN

Nursing mentorship is needed throughout your career. Discover why you need a mentor and how to find the one for you. Do you have any stories about your mentors? We would love to hear them.
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