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Today is February 24, 2021. Editor's Picks... 😬 Outbursts of Anger: Case Study, Calls On Day Off, 💉 Help Others Vaccinated, Pursue NP at 54?, Parish Nursing, and Paget's Disease.

Mood Swing, Outbursts of Anger: What's Going On?

😬 Wild Mood Swings and Outbursts of Anger: What's Wrong with this Man? | Case Study

by SafetyNurse1968, ADN, BSN, MSN, PhD

A new case study in which the patient, a 50-yr-old male of mixed race visits his primary care physician with concerns about wild mood swings and outbursts of anger. "I've been screaming at my husband. The other day I even pushed him. Not hard, but it frightened me. My dad used to knock my mother around and I don't want to be like him. I don’t understand what’s going on – I'm a happy person."
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Do you answer your phone on your day off?

Nurse Managers: Do you answer your phone on your days off even when not on call?

by SilverBells, BSN

I work Monday through Friday anywhere from 8-20 hours a day (usually ends up being 16-20). Today, my phone was blown up with calls and text messages from nursing staff wanting assistance with call-ins, how to deal with a fall, and how to handle a verbally abusive patient. It's driving me crazy. Ignore or Pickup Up?
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What can nurses do to help others get vaccinated?

💉 Vaccine of Hope 

by jeastridge, BSN, RN 

The COVID-19 vaccine has brought with it a much-needed dose of hope. As nurses, what can we do to help direct our patients, friends and family to correct information about how to get the vaccine.
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Should I pursue NP at 54 and incur debt?

Should I get my NP at 54 yrs old?

in Ask Nurse Beth

I'm 54 y/o female, been a nurse 36 years, currently a RN for 23 years (first 13 as an LPN) working for a geri-psyche facility for about 8 months. I'd like to go for PMHNP after I first get my BSN, single, single source of income, is this something I should pursue at my age?
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What is Parish Nurse? Roles, Education, Salary

Faith Community Nursing (FCN) / Parish Nurse

by tnbutterfly - Mary, BSN, RN

The Faith Community Nurse is not a primary caregiver, but serves more as a bridge between the church and healthcare system. The nurse does not replace the doctor or the pastor, but assists both.
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What is Paget's disease? Knowledge Is Power

Paget's Disease of Bone | Knowledge Brush-Up

by nlkimmel, MSN, PhD, RN

There is evidence to suggest that the paramyxovirus may be the causative factor in some patients with Paget's disease. Typically this disease is more prevalent in males than in females. Because of this fact, it may be easy to misdiagnose the disease in women.
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