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Helping you become a better nurse. Issue 42: Nov 26, 2012


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Nov 19 - Nov 25 Hottest Topics

My Experience With Kaplan NCLEX Prep

I'll reveal some important information that will allow readers to paint a clearer mental picture of my situation. I graduated from a 12-month LVN program in late 2005 and passed the NCLEX-PN with the minimum of 85 questions on my first attempt by self-reviewing with the Saunders Comprehensive book. After working as an LVN in the long term care setting for three years, I went back to school in 2009 and was granted an associate of science degree in nursing after having graduated from an RN completion program in March 2010. Read More...

A Nurse's Misdirected Reflections on Giving Thanks

Sadly, I am by nature not a touchy feely, ooey gooey kind of individual. I have a hard time saying "Thank you" and meaning it, preferring to offer a nod or other non-verbal as an indication of gratitude. But there are times when non-verbals aren't good enough anymore. This is my off-kilter rambling reflection offered up and released into the wild. Read More...

Is your nursing instructor tough?

Anyone have (or had) a tough instructor? What was difficult about them and how do you think it could be improved? Share your stories! Read More...

allnurses.com Nursing Student Cartoon

A couple of questions for those who took the TEAS V test...

I have a few questions about TEAS V. I am currently using the 5 TEAS Practice tests by McGraw Hill's and ATI study manual. Some questions that I have are: Are there going to be some earth science content on the test that aren't found in the ATI study manual... Read More...

Can I take the NCLEX-PN in GA with defaulted student loans?

I recently graduated an LPN program in Georgia. I have defaulted federal student loans from a previous private school I attended, which I did not get to finish, and did not result in a job. I have not been able to pay them, and my credit has long since been destroyed. I have never had credit as an adult. I thought I was finally getting somewhere by graduating from the nursing program, but I need to know how this will affect my chance at taking the NCLEX-PN specifically within Georgia. Read More...

I am confused and need some help with this math question.

The client with lung cancer is 1 day post-op lobectomy and demonstrates symptoms of infection. The health care provider orders 900 mg of Nafcillin. There is powder in a vial labeled "Nafcillin 1 gram" with instructions "to dilute with 3.4 mL of sterile water to produce 1 gram in 4 mL." Read More...

Face Your Fears

First of all, let's start off with a workable definition of fear, which is one of the most primitive emotions that affects us today. Fear is an emotional response to a perceived threat or impending danger that results in an urgent need to get away from whatever the threatening stimulus may be.

In normal amounts, fear serves a protective function, ensures our continued existence, and is very normal. On the other hand, individuals who feel too much fear are often weighed down, paralyzed to the point that they avoid taking action, and indecisive. In other words, overly fearful people are trapped in a perpetual state of stasis. Read More...

Passed NCLEX RN 2012 with Kaplan qbanks/trainers

I have been on this site multiple times and found many encouragements from it as I study for my NCLEX and wanted to share my story. I only used kaplan qbanks and the trainers, my scores ranged from the 50s and 60s. I reviewed qbank and looked up anything I did not know or understand.... Read More...

Feeling really down in the dumps and friend-less in nursing school...advice needed

I am 1 semester away from being done with nursing school. I am a really high achiever and get fantastic grades in both the lecture and clinical portions of my program. At the beginning of the program, I felt like I met really good people that were wonderful friends. But as time went on, I feel like that is not the case at all. As the semesters went on, we got divided up into different clinical groups and people started to get mad at me for doing very well on exams and for ATI tests. They used to approach me after tests demanding to know what grade I got, and when I told them they got angry. This semester I have decided not to tell anyone and to just say "I did good" to prevent this hostility. Read More...

Pharmacies Often Still Dispense Meds Despite Discontinue Order

Despite electronic discontinuation orders, pharmacies may continue to dispense medications and create potential for patient harm, including situations with high-risk dispensing events, according to research published in the Nov. 20 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine. Read More...

Question about the ATI online practice assessments

If I buy the package now, do I get access to it now, or do I have to wait until something is mailed to me? I'm set to take my TEAS test Friday, and don't want to have to wait for a code to be mailed to me after spending $50 on it, and not getting it until it's too late for it to do me any good. I didn't know about these assessments until yesterday when I read about them here. Read More...

What kind of animal are you?

nterviewers are using weird, wonderful and off the wall questions during interviews. These include what kind of animal are you? What kind of fruit and even what kind of cereal. So what kind of animal would you be and why? So in preparation for your next interview, don't worry about clinical issues think about some weird and wonderful question you may be asked. Read More...

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