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Ebola - Is this a game changer? Be Aware of Consequences
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Oct 15-21 Hottest Topics

CDC Unveils New PPE Guidelines for Ebola

After the death of the nation's first Ebola patient diagnosed in the US and subsequent infection of two Texas nurses who cared for the patient, the protocol was under great scrutiny. Although many teams have investigated the chain of events leading to the 2 nurses' contracting the virus, the specific problem leading to the exposures may never be known.
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God Hates Nurses Now

You know that "biting my tongue" thread, and the things we'd love to say to patients but we can't, because we're the nurse? Well, when you're the patient, you can say whatever you danged well feel like to the OTHER patient who is pestering you with his ignorance and stupidity.
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Nurses, Say Thank You to Ebola Nurses, Patients, Those Speaking Out

Talk of Ebola is all over the news. In recent weeks, we've all watched as the crisis has unfolded. We've seen the devastating effects of this deadly virus. Let's not forget the impact it has had on some of our own. Let's take this time to express our support, appreciation, and well-wishes to those nurses who have been personally affected by this health crisis.
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Need some comic relief from all this Ebola-ness?

Despite the seriousness of all that is going on in the world, I'm thinking we could all use a really good laugh right about now. We gotta release this stress in a positive way somehow, right?! Laughter IS the best medicine and there couldn't be a more perfect place...
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Ghosts Are All Around Us

As a nurse, I have seen the influence of ghosts: those of the past--the shadowy glimpses of those who once lived. The ghosts of the present, who haunt us daily. Those of the future, who we would like to change, but wonder if we can. There are moments in nursing that make us realize that as nurses, we take care of the body, the mind, and the spirit--and even the ghosts that are all around us.
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Musings on Protecting Nurses: Protecting Ourselves and Our Patients

Nurses working with patients are usually exposed to a number of pathogens as a consequence of their jobs. Health care facilities have demonstrated that protecting nurses and others may not occur.
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When It Comes To A Matter Of National Health, No Nurse Should Ever Fear Retribution

Registered Nurse Briana Aguirre, from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, recently had an interview with Today Show's, Matt Lauer, voicing her concerns about how the hospital handled the Ebola virus. Nurse Briana Aguirre was nervous and brought to tears to share her story for fear of retribution from the Dallas Hospital.
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When A Nurse Needs A Doctor...

Is it "advisable" (for lack of a better word) to see a doctor who knows you professionally as a nurse or not?
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[Toon] I pushed my call light 3 seconds ago, what took you so long?

Today, we all have iPhones, iPads, iComputers, and everyone texts, messages, and/or tweets. Everything is instant. So, why shouldn't hospital care be instant too. From the "I don't want to wait to be seen" patient to the "I pushed my call light 3 seconds ago, what took you so long?" pt, we have all seen it. And...students are at a disadvantage as they are often seen as newbies with rose colored glasses. What do you students think of the instant gratification expected from patients?
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