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Why do nurses make the worse patients? Is it because we know too much?
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Ebola: What About The Children?

I'm a pediatric emergency nurse, and with the help of my peers, I feel prepared to handle just about any pediatric emergency. We have the luxury of access to evidence-based recommendations that guide us and our physician colleagues in the management of most major pediatric conditions, and we do a pretty darn good job of "winging it" when we encounter something out of the ordinary. But Ebola virus disease (EVD) is uncharted territory.
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60 Minutes Interviews Presbyterian Nurses Lessons Caring for Ebola Patient Mr. Duncan

I just finished watching the interviews with the nurses who cared for the first Ebola patients in Texas. I am impressed and feel they were a credit to our profession.
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Bullying in the Workplace

October is National Bullying Awareness Month. Bullying can occur in places other than on the schoolyard or in the school hallways. Bullying in the workplace is a very real occurrence that happens on a daily basis. Nurses can be victims of a bully in several ways: horizontal (from upper level management – charge nurse, supervisor, manager, etc), vertical (nurse to nurse), or even from patients. This article will focus on bullying from coworkers.
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21 Things you never mention at a hospital job interview

Whether you're a soon to be minted or experienced RN, CNA, PCT, LPN, you probably had some of these thoughts run through your mind during an interview. Let's be honest now...
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Dealing With Death in the PICU

How do we as nurses survive to fight another day? Where do we draw our strength from to offer to the families of our patients? How do we not burnout and spiral into depression over the senseless tragedies and "unfair" death of a patient?
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Expanding job hunt to other States

I am still avidly looking for a job in my current State which is a non-compact state. I'd like to know for those who have expanded their job search to other states, or who landed a job in another state did you apply for endorsement with those states first then start your search in the new states?
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The Tribulations of an Ebola...Trainer

My hospital has been preparing for Ebola for months; a multidisciplinary workgroup, all experts in their areas, created policies and procedures to put into place in case they were needed. Procedures from the door of the Emergency Department to inpatient care were created and tested, and a small group of critical care staff that volunteered to care for the patient were drilled. The first trainings went well and staff reported feeling comfortable with the policy/procedures and ready to care for a possible patient. Shortly thereafter...
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10 Worst Employee Excuses For Missing Work

Faking a cough sounds so boring compared to these sick day excuses. Here are the 2014 roundup of the year's most unbelievable excuses bosses have heard from employees. If they're to be believed, American workers got into some serious hijinks this year.
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[Toon] Memorable Thanks

Nurses are so often the unseen heroes of medical care. From caring for the frightened child who must undergo a painful procedure, to comforting a family member when the outcome isn't what was hoped for. We all know this is a difficult job. However, we also know that we do it because we do CARE! What is your most memorable thank you?
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