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I feel less angry and am crashing. I keep replaying it all in my head... Read about my heartache
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No Stone Unturned

Sometimes the path to a dream job is unconventional, the means to achieving it unexpected. It is tempting to give in to self-doubt and discouragement when door after door is slammed. However, as long as there are still jobs out there to be filled, there is hope.
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Win $150! Fall 2014 Article Contest

I'm 59 years old, been bedside staff nearly my entire career. Would love to get into staff development - even earned an MSN a couple years back to push that. Please educate me on how LinkedIn could help. I have a profile but really don't know what to do with it.
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[Poll] How has the ACA impacted your job, nursing in general, and healthcare overall?

The level at which Americans are receiving medical benefits has dramatically shifted. So, we toss the question to you nurses; how has the rollout of the ACA affected your job? Has it affected your work at all? We'd like to hear your thoughts!
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Saw an angry clinical instructor...

I've heard her call them stupid, lazy, slow-witted. Heard her practically yelling that they will never survive as a nurse. Seen her literally rip their care plans to shreds and toss it on the floor. Should I confront her about this behavior? Should I just mind my business? It's really upsetting to see this reprobate treating students like this.
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Doctoral degree and NP employment

I have been thinking about going back to school for a doctoral degree. Has anyone had difficulty being "overqualified" or otherwise less employable in clinical roles after completing a doctorate (DNP/PhD)?
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allnurses Ebola Preparedness Survey Makes the News

For those who participated in the Ebola Preparedness survey, your voices are being heard. AOL and MedCity News just published...
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Nurses Blast From the Past Photo Contest

allnurses wants to see photos of you from the Good Ol' Days! Remember your early days in your nursing career. The uniforms you wore...complete with a white starched dress, white hose, white Clinic shoes... There was no doubt who were the nurses. We all have memories of days gone by. Join us in the fun!
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[Toon] New Tech - Whose idea was this???

New tech.......sometimes good, sometimes not so good. At times it seems like the people inventing or designing new tech tools for healthcare must not deal with healthcare settings....except on paper. Kinda reminds you of the folks who are in charge of approving hospital admissions, stays, procedures, etc. What are some of the new healthcare technological changes that have been good and others that have been not-so-good?
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