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Allnurses Magazine Fall Issue: The Many Faces of Nursing

The 2018 Fall Issue of the allnurses magazine focuses on the Many Faces of Nursing with stories shared by many well-known Nurse Influencers.

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Immunizations Advice

I went on the hunt looking for my immunization records today, and I can't find them. I was just wondering if anyone could give me advice as to what to do. Lol

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Out of attempts for NCLEX

My state recently changed their requirements on the time you have to pass boards, unfortunately for me I can no longer take the RN in my state unless I go back to school now.

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Torn between two specialities for preceptorship.

I am posting here looking for some advice as to what to choose for my senior preceptorship in my BSN program. I have narrowed it down to either pediatrics or labor and delivery/postpartum...two very different specialties.

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Studying as You Go

I am in my 3rd semester of a BSN program and am currently taking Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Concepts in Nursing, Health Assessment, and Sociology.

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Money for school when "we do not participate in federal student loans"

I have been accepted to and start the RN program at the tech college I attend this coming January. I have a 4.0 GPA so far on all the core courses.

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Many Faces of Nursing

We learned all about various nursing specialties in school, but we were never told there would be days like this. So many faces in one shift!

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