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Nurses have been dealing with short-staffing for years. We've seen the effects. It's time to do something about it NOW. Show your support for safer staffing...

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Advice for Myself for When I Was a Nursing Student

If only I knew then what I knew now. Like many nurses, I received a lot of good and bad advice over the years. At the time, I didn’t know the difference.

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Multiple IV's for one student, none for the rest... Is this usual during clinical?

I'm just wondering about your clinical experience in terms of gaining real-world experience with skills such as IV insertion, foley's, etc...

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Memorizing Pharmacology Mnemonics for the NCLEX

How do you memorize pharmacology for the NCLEX when you're tired and have little time to do it? Instead of one drug at a time, start learning four or more drugs at the same you learn side-effects and nursing considerations.

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older student, unprofessional nurse during clinical

After many, many years (20!) of "thinking about it", I finally decided at age 45 to go back to school for nursing. My mom was a nurse for 50 years and even though I have two other bachelor's degrees, the timing was never right for the commitment of nursing school.

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Will I have to remember this as a nurse?

Okay, so you know when you are in school taking a course and you sometimes wonder to what extent you'll have to remember that specific material later on as a nurse?

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