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Tips for managing your NCLEX® study time

We often take for granted how challenging it can be to study for a standardized exam like the NCLEX® study time. It can be difficult to create a study plan that both fits within your busy schedule and satisfies your remediation needs.

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Math Help

Can someone please help with this problem? Dopamine is mixed as 200 mg of Dopamine in 250 ml of D5W infusing at 15 ml per hr. The pt weighs 100 kg. How many mcg/kg/min is pt receiving?

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2018 Spring Nursing Article Contest - 3 Winners $200 Each!!

The weather may be unpredictable, but it's time once more for the allnurses 2018 Spring Article Contest. Everyone is invited to participate.

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Can I work three 12hours shifts while going to school for BSN?

Just wondering if anyone thinks it's possible to work three 12hour night shifts while going to nursing school. I also have a one year old (that goes to day care) and a boyfriend (his dad) that helps a lot.

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Education - An Investment in Your Future

Education is the key to your advancement in your nursing career. Why, you ask? Well, as we are all aware, the push is for more education....

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Mom guilt

I was just accepted into a highly competitive accelerated BSN program. I really thought I wouldn't get in and now I'm finding that I'm not as excited as I thought I would be.

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