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How to Get Hired When I Graduate

Dear Nurse Beth, How are you doing? I am a second year nursing Student studying at a University in Australia. I was wondering apart from my studies what else cani do to improve my chances of securing graduate year position.

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Sloppy clinical instructor?

I had one clinical day (my first clinical day) with an instructor that just started working at my college recently and I just can't stop thinking about an incident that occurred with her. I'm in my first semester.

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Drawing Pharmacology Video 5 (Antibiotics II)

First, my APPE student Jaclyn goes more in depth with one medication we learned about in our last video. Then we cover more antibiotic classes as described below.

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when to apply for jobs

I graduate in May and was wondering when I should start applying for jobs as a new grad. I had an interview with a hospital for my practicum which will be in April and I have heard they usually hire new grads if it goes well.

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Medication Error

I am not a nurse yet, I am in school for my RN. I made a medication error and now I feel like I should never be a nurse. Does anyone else feel this way? The patient was not harmed because of it and I honestly just didn't go over my 6 rights well enough.

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Online, go-at-your-own-pace, RN to BSN Option through Capella University

I started researching various RN to BSN options while I was going through my associate program to reach the NCLEX-RN.

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