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Drawing Pharmacology Video 4 Antibiotics I

Here is another installation about pharmacologic properties of meds. This one is about antibiotics.

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Training pathways in ICU

I wanted to put out for discussion the various training pathways in ICU that I have observed to see what all you other ICU folks think. First, some background: I work in a MICU at a level II trauma center hospital.

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Did you do all readings in FNP school?

I'm currently in my undergrad RN program. I RARELY read the textbook...I just use it for reference if I don't understand a given topic.

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Time and blood pressure meds

Just a quick question, Our floor CNA's sometimes have VS done by 7:30, often I don't finish report or have meds pulled until 8:00, and then if I have someone with extra needs or whatever I find that 45 mins or so may have passed between vs and actual giving of meds.

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Don't give up! NCLEX - Nov 2017

Hello guys, I wanted to start this topic to help you believe in yourself and that you can do it, and tell you what I did to pass my Nclex.

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Family keeping Information from the Patient

I am a nursing student researching the ethical dilemma of a family's wish to keep information from a patient. As I research this topic, I find that there is limited EBP research related to the topic.

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