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Help! Should I pay out of state tuition or put off college for a few years??

I need your help. I am a high school senior and I had a bit of a plan to complete my ultimate goal: obtain a BSN, but I might have to alter or change my plan entirely...

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second semester of program and I know nothing.... is it too late?

I am in my second semester of nursing and I don't know how I got this far... I'd only study then night before the exams in every class I've ever taken and always mananged to pass but I know I didn't retain.

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Nursing Experience for CRNA school

There is a nurse in my hospital that just got into a good CRNA program in the area and has been a nurse since January. The app deadline was in September so he applied with 8 months of experience.

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Question About Fluid Resuscitation with Burns

TBSA% Burned is 31%. The pt weighs 50 kg. The burn injuries occurred at 0300. Fluid resuscitation was started at 0400, and it is now 0900.

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Organizing the Head to Toe Assessment using the "Rule of 3s"

A quick and easy way to organize the head to toe assessment for anyone who, like me, has ever struggled with it!

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Advice on best time to have a baby (please!)

I'm a pre-nursing student/career changer. I'm hoping to get into an ABSN program, with the goal of working a few years as a hospital nurse (hopefully L&D), and eventually going into midwifery.

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