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Pressure To Be A Super FNP Student

On the outside I am cool, calm, and collected and look like I have everything together. But on the inside, I am a ball of nerves. Does this describe you?

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Why is nursing school so expensive!?

I'm a new poster here and have been an EMT in NY and NJ since 2015. I've traveled abroad to Central America and Haiti and have worked a few "adventure" courses since my certification.

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Get ahead with HMX online courses

Looking to take the next step in your nursing career? HMX Fundamentals online courses from Harvard Medical School can help you get there.

Our self-paced courses are led by Harvard Medical School faculty and feature interactive lessons that tie concepts to clinical applications. Get an inside look at patient interactions at Harvard hospitals, test your knowledge with regular assessments, and have a chance to earn a certificate to demonstrate your commitment to learning.

Applications are open through December 5 for winter courses in physiology, immunology, genetics, and biochemistry.

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2017 HESI A2 exam. Passed. Tips

Here's how I passed the HESI A2 exam. I hope these tips help you to pass too...

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Looking for advice on finding my first job

I graduated with my ADN in August 2017 and passed NCLEX-RN in October 2017. I live in Pennsylvania and I currently work in a large hospital right near my house as a nursing assistant, for about 18 months (during nursing school and I still currently work there).

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I am a freshman student at a small university where the rules are pretty strict. Recently, while taking an exam, I realized one of my fellow students was cheating, then another has been taking photo's of our quizzes and tests, later texting our group...

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What Makes YOU a Pro RN?

I sat talking to Crystal, a senior nursing student, as we wrapped up our time together. She had been following me around, learning about what it means to be a Faith Community Nurse for six weeks.

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What should I have done about super low O2 levels?

I was at my 3rd clinical, first semester nursing in a long term care unit. I was told to go practice taking vitals. Not too many nurses or clients were around because they were at a Halloween party.

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