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8/2017 HESI A2 Tips

I recently took my test on 8/27 and passed with an 85 my first time. It was easier than I thought. I had to do chem, bio, vocab, grammar and math

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My Family can't see me as a Nurse but it's my dream

I have always had a dream of being a nurse but life happens and I ended up with an associates in Political Science and a job in hospitality.

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Learn. Study. Pass. Done.

Almost three semester's-worth of tried and true tips for studying from a mother of 5, Army spouse, husband is also in school getting his PhD.

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Nursing @ 32?

I am Firstina, 32 years of age and a Biochemist. I seriously have the urge to go to nursing school but I am thinking its too late. Pls friends what do you think? Can I start a nursing carrier at 32 years of age?

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Already been told I shouldn't be a nurse (Rant)

I took a CPR course. I'm not in NS yet, but I decided to do it ahead of time. I've made amazing grades in all my prereq courses and every single one of my science professors has praised me as being one of their most hardworking students.

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HELP! My first concept map!

Ok I am a first semester nursing student and I have my first concept map due tomorrow. The scenario is...

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