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Starting Second Semester of FNP School - Follow Me Through Grad School Episode 201

Wow - its fall already. Time to get back to the books. And...whew....what a summer! Here are some of my adventures...

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Inpatient Nursing Assessment

Assessment is one of the first and one of the most important skills a nursing student must learn.

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Nurse-client Relationship Boundaries

I am a nursing student and had an elderly female patient during clinical who I really connected with. She was my only patient for the day, so I got to know her pretty well. She had to go through a procedure and told me that she was very nervous about it.

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Husband is not ready for me to go to nursing school!!

Ok long story short i have always wanted to become a nurse and alot of things were holding me back before. Now i am ready to go get my LVN and then bridge over for my RN but my husband is being mean about it.

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Just another "no friends in nursing school" rant

I've always been socially awkward and a bit unusual..strange, really. My mom used to tell me that in nursing school people find their best friends and become very tight knit.

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So frustrated about setting up NP clinical

I love hospital work and trying to set up NP clinical with hospitalists in the hospital I work. The hospital is a small rural hospital and the hospitalists are in partnership with a big hospital.

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