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What were the Top Nursing Topics of 2018?

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What's your best catch?

I was reading another post called what was your worst mistake? I find reading about mistakes very informative and educational, but we never get kudos for all the good stuff we do.

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Left job to safeguard my license - what "reason" to add on new applications?

I was in my fifth year of school nursing and my administration (Principal, Superintendent, and School Board) were not supportive of medical (including emergency situations, or adherence school policies & procedures OR state laws on immunizations).

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2018 Lice

I have a girl with chronic lice. Non compliant with treatment, and mom "can't make her do it."

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Quitting my job before my shift starts

Today is my first day back to work after a 6 day vacation and I already feel tightness in my chest and anxiety. I've never felt this way at a job before. In my life.

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Sign a consent without witnessing actual signature

I work at a surgeon's office as my main job. One of the duties we have (the LPNs and MAs) is signing the surgical consent forms as witnesses.

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