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Nurse Gives Lethal Dose of Vecuronium Instead of Versed

On December 26, 2017, a tragic and preventable death occurred when a patient at Vanderbilt Hospital was sent for a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scan and received a lethal dose of Vecuronium instead of Versed.

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Understanding the Risk of Firearms: Suicide vs. Homicide

Gun violence is a hot topic these days. Turn on the TV for any length of time, and you will hear stories of firearm homicide.

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12 Days of Giveaways - Merry Christmas from allnurses

Christmas is right around the corner. This is a time of giving and celebrating with friends and family. Allnurses wants to show our nursing community how thankful we are for each one of you.

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What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? Try Clinical Nurse Leader

This article is part 2 of a 2-part series. Part 1 described options for nurses seeking higher degrees. Part 2 describes an exciting new nursing role: Clinical Nurse Leader.

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Today is a New Day and it Starts With Me

Poor interpersonal relationships among many nurses stem from poor communication, incivility and disruptive behaviors, misattributions of intent behind certain actions or behaviors and sometimes it stems from what Brene Brown describes as shame.

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Let go after 11 years, feeling worthless and anxious

Dear Nurse Beth, My name is B and I was let go from my job in October. I have been a nurse for 11 years now in that same system. Previous work has been in IMCU 8 years, ICU 1 year, and PACU 2 years.

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Risk for Aspiration - Should a nurse go against physician orders to raise HOB?

Hello Lorie A 17 year old male went from agitated to obtunded after 40 mg. Geodon within a three-hour period.

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