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6 Positive Ways to Use Social Media in Your Nursing Practice

The use of social media comes with many negative thoughts these days. But, what if you could use social media to improve your professional life and impact the outcomes of those care for, too?

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Oh The Places You'll Go: The Why, How and What of Higher Education

This article is Part 1 of a 2-part series. In this part, I describe the various options open to nurses seeking higher degrees. I will discuss the various pathways to higher education for nurses, and the doors you can open for yourself career-wise.

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Earn your FNP in 24 Months

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Independent Contractor vs. LLC - Which is more beneficial for new NP?

Hi Lorie, I am a newly licensed acute care nurse practitioner in Las Vegas Nevada. I am considering accepting a job where I would be an independent contractor with a 1099.

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Can't find a job

I pased my NCLEX in October and it's been a month of applying to different nursing positions but no luck. Not even a rejection, nothing. Radio silence.

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Is this dangerous?

Dear Nurse Beth, The new PCU at my place of work will NOT have Bedside monitors. I don't believe the RN's who work there or the Unit should be called Critical Care.

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Would you call in sick?

I took a new job, which I sincerely regret because I hate almost everything about it, except for the kids I care for. The job itself, the hours, some of the team members etc.

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2018 Nursing Salary Survey results

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