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Allnurses Magazine Fall Issue: The Many Faces of Nursing

The 2018 Fall Issue of the allnurses magazine focuses on the Many Faces of Nursing with stories shared by many well-known Nurse Influencers.

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Celebrate Our LPN/LVNs October 7-13, 2018

October 7 - 13 is LPN/LVN week and we are here to celebrate you and the essential role you play in our healthcare system.

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"When Minutes Matter" - Thank You Emergency Nurses

Recognition of Emergency Nurses and all they do through my experiences as a nurses, mom, patient and friend!

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5 Questions to Ask if You Think Your Patient is a Victim of Domestic Violence

As a nurse, you never know when you might come face-to-face with a victim of domestic violence. Read one nurse's story about domestic violence in her life and how to help your patients.

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Mental Illness Awareness Week October 7-13, 2018

veryone knows someone who suffers from mental illness. Unfortunately, it is often hushed and put aside instead of confronted so that people feel comfortable asking for help.

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How to turn a negative into a positive in an interview

Dear Nurse Beth, Going for an interview for a grad program, but received a constructive referee report, that the student needs to be more accepting to feedback.

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How does a jury or media feel about NP firing patient over a bill?

Hi Lorie Is firing patients for non-payment seen differently than firing patients for other reasons such as violence at the office?

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Weirdest reaons patients push the call button

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