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Safe Nurse Staffing Video #2 - How to Influence Your Legislators

Safe staffing is important to all nurses. There are bills currently before the House and Senate addressing these issues. You can help by being an advocate for yourself and your patients.

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My Boss Hates Me and Other Workplace Conundrums

Ever felt like your boss hated you? Been the victim of a nurse bully? Learn about 3 workplace conundrums and how to survive these difficult situations.

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Are you searching for a nursing scholarship? Search Smarter!

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What are you doing this Nurse’s Week?

We want to touch base quickly to introduce you to a dear colleague, Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN. Elizabeth is a nurse in Maryland who puts on this GREAT program during Nurse’s Week!

This month Elizabeth has opened up the individual ticket registration to the annual Art of Nursing program. You can celebrate Nurse’s Week with all of us during The Art of Nursing program.

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Nurses - Increase Your Productivity

We are nurses. We are busy, constantly. Whether at work or home, our to-do list is constantly growing. Are you running in circles or crushing your goals?

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Society of Pediatric Nurses (SPN) The Pinnacle of Pediatric Care 28th Annual Conference

Join your fellow Nursing colleagues in Denver this April for the Society of Pediatric Nurses (SPN) 28th Annual Conference. Earn CEUs while networking with the best in the field of Pediatrics.

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Nurse Practitioner Overtime Pay

I am hoping someone out there has some knowledge in overtime pay and FLSA! Here is a brief summary of my situation:

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Do these scrubs make my butt look big!?

Trying to find comfortable scrubs for MEN, not women, not unisex. I feel like the unisex/women oriented scrubs tend to/ are meant to emphasize feminine features; I do not want scrubs that make me look like I swing the in the wrong direction.

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