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Permission to Touch?

I was very moved to share my story and how we, as nurses, can use healing touch in our day to day lives with our patients.

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The Pleasure Trap of Food – Or Why Saying No Doesn't Work

What is it about food that makes us want to over-consume, gain weight, develop Diabetes, and shorten our lives? I thought eating was supposed to help us live, not die! It’s time to get to the core issue of what is really going on to save our lives.

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What are you doing this Nurse’s Week?

We want to touch base quickly to introduce you to a dear colleague, Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN. Elizabeth is a nurse in Maryland who puts on this GREAT program during Nurse’s Week!

This month Elizabeth has opened up the individual ticket registration to the annual Art of Nursing program. You can celebrate Nurse’s Week with all of us during The Art of Nursing program.

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Verbal abuse ... what are my rights?

I work in a facility where it's not uncommon to have patients who are confused and aggressive - out of psych issues or other diagnoses where aggression is an expected stage of their disease process.

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Multiple CNA's refusing assigned task

I'm looking for input on how you would handle a sutuation. There are 5 CNA's assigned to the unit they are also assigned halls.

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2018 Winter Nursing Article Contest - 4 Winners - $150 Each!

Christmas has come and gone and the New Year is here. Was one of your New Year's resolutions to start writing? You have come to the right place.

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Will there be a huge turf war between PA and NP?

Will there be a huge turf war between pa and NP? Such as will you see PA being the provider of choice or NP being the provider of choice all competing for same jobs?

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How to deal with this conflict?

How does a newer nurse deal with another nurse who acts like the newer nurse doesn't know anything?

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