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Are You a "Fixer" Nurse? 5 Things to Consider

A friend approached me about caring for her elderly, increasingly disabled, parent. She told me about how her mom had become forgetful, slightly confused, and had a tendency to fall.

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Facing Our Own Judgments

Reflecting on our personal feelings when dealing with a situation we disagree with.

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Considering the OR? Take These Five Steps to Get There

AORN explores five key actions an RN can take to transition to the perioperative nursing specialty, including educational training, certification, networking, and face-to-face professional development opportunities. Plus, check out the special giveaway to AORN Expo 2018.

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Menopause? *The Doctor recommends Freedom From Responsibility: An Era Gone By

It has been a long time since I wrote an article in my series “An Era Gone By.” I recently found the rest of my old medical books and am so thrilled.

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Many nurses do not chart?

On my unit I leave late every shift because of charting. The other nurses always leave on time, and they leave A LOT of charting blank.

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How to trick the one you love into staying alive

Have you imagined what life would be like if your spouse died? It’s only recently that I have pondered that occurrence.

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EMDR: Another Tool for Your Mental Health Toolbox

This article is about the use of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), a therapy successfully being used to treat trauma.

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