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Nurse Plays 'Secret Santa' to Wildfire Victims

Today on a special holiday episode of Emmy Award-winning daytime talk show The Doctors:

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Matt Lauer Fired due to Inappropriate Sexual Behavior. Has This Happened to You?

Heard this am about this from NBC News: Matt Lauer fired for inappropriate behavior.

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Nursing Across the Generations

Millennials. Gen-Xer's. Baby Boomers and Traditionalists. We have heard the terms, but could understanding these generations help us to connect with our patients at the bedside? Let's learn more about 'Nursing Across the Generations'.

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December is National Handwashing Month

December is National Handwashing Month. We all know as healthcare workers that the easiest way to prevent disease transmission is to wash your hands or use approved handwashing gel.

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Tryptophan and IBS: The Connection

One day it may be possible to find a more permanent relief for IBS patients. As they do further research and find a way to give people the right balance of bacteria in their gut, IBS can be decreased.

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Our Current Reality: Are You Going to Work Scared?

Between actual bombings, mass shootings, and the threats of them, which happen daily, how do nurses on the front line of saving victims from these mass casualties handle going to work every day?

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5 Principles of Motivational Interviewing

As nurses, we often want to "fix" our patients and their poor choices. But, does this work? Let's explore the principles of motivational interviewing to assist our patients to reach their goals.

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