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Veteran's Day 2017

Veteran's Day is a day set aside to honor veterans. Its a day when veterans get some of the bennies that they have earned from serving in the US military.

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Overcoming Decision Fatigue to Reduce Nurse Stress

Stress is often an expected byproduct of working in healthcare. While many facets of the healthcare profession are inherently stressful, there are ways to mitigate additional stress.

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Headline: A BSN to Fit your Monthly Budget

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Five Nursing Myths… Untruths Disproved

Yes, nurses do wear stethoscopes at work. But not all of us do. You see, nurses are found in places beyond hospital walls.

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Mr. G and Baby B: Unforgettable Patients

Some patients touch our lives deeply, changing something deep in us. Read about two patients who touched this nurses life in amazing ways.

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Looking for Wellness In All The Wrong Places

Recently I accompanied my Diabetic and heart disease ridden husband to a doctor’s appointment for recurring shortness of breath and was once again reminded how wellness has still not infused the healthcare system.

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Nurses with children always go home early?

I know it is controversial topic. First I explain myself a bit.

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Forced out to pasture

36 years as a nurse .. corporate health care doesn't want me anymore.

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