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Burnout: A Burning Flame At Both Ends

Nursing is a hard profession. Burnout can creep up on us without us realizing what is happening. Learn the signs, symptoms and some ways to combat nursing burnout.

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What Would You Do to Fix the Failings of Healthcare Delivery ?

Suppose you have the authority to fix the failings of healthcare delivery in the US. Nothing is off limits, and you have the ability to implement change at any level. What would you do?

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Become a leader in advanced nursing

Achieve more in your career and make an impact on health care with an online DNP from the University of Missouri. Join us for a live online information session Nov. 16. Ask questions, share insights with other nurses, and get straight answers directly from faculty in MU’s Sinclair School of Nursing.

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Organizing the Head to Toe Assessment using the "Rule of 3s"

A quick and easy way to organize the head to toe assessment for anyone who, like me, has ever struggled with it!

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Emergency outside of work

I had a situation today. I was out with my husband with some friends. A motorcycle lost control pulling off the parking lot and the rider went down hitting his head and knocking him unconscious.

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Failure - Can it be A Good Life Event?

Scott Hamilton was on my radio today talking about failure and how it can teach us valuable lessons. Is failure ever a good event?

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“I’m sick and I’m off” – “me too!” Flu!!!

Cold and flu pull back many from working places and how to tackle this is matter- do hand hygiene....Every year, cold and flu outbreaks result in hundreds of missed office days for workers especially health care workers in hospital.

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