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Differential Case Study: Lyme Disease or Covid-19?

Lakeith, a 35-year-old black man living in New York State, presents with a fever of 101 degrees F. He is concerned he might have contracted Covid-19. Based upon a true story, this case study highlights the need to be aware of life-threatening diseases that can masquerade as Covid-19.

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Ken was looking for a COPD treatment tailored to him

This article explores COPD device factors that can complicate treatment decisions. If patients are having trouble with their symptoms using their current device, there is another option that may address their specific...

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IntelyCare’s COVID-19 Nurse Training Certification covers the top safety practices for caring for patients with COVID-19 with our interactive nursing course. Upon completion, each person will receive one free contact hour, along with a personalized COVID-19 certification.

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Dr. Pimple Popper Thinks Nurses Have No Place Educating Patients

The cable TV "doctor" feels that nurses have no place explaining the difference between sunburn and sun poisoning...

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Has the unexpected ever happened to you?

A Nurse finds her sixth sense developing over the years! Some incidents bring closure, some leave her wondering-----did that just happen?

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How I Successfully Passed the AANP-FNP Exam

Now that I have passed the AANP-FNP Exam, I wanted to share how I prepared in hopes that I will help someone out there just like me!

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Covid wedding... am I the bad guy?

My brother had a wedding planned for august. covid is just now spiking where I live, I work in critical care, and have been taking every precaution to keep myself, my wife, and our two young children safe.

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Academic Nursing Research Requests

We are happy to offer Post Graduate Students access to our members as potential participants in academic research surveys. All submissions must be approved by the allnurses senior administrative staff before they can be posted publicly on this site.

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Tips for new operating room nurses

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