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A Letter to my Hospice Patient

Have you ever had a patient that helped you re-define your nursing career? In this letter to a patient, I discuss some of the greatest lessons I learned and still carry with me today.

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Five Reasons Diets are NOT Sustainable

Let's say you hear about the diet of moment that guarantees success, so you try it, and have results, but then boom you're right back where you started? Me too!! There's another way, keep reading! This topic is not yet approved and is currently onl

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"The Nurse doesn't really DO anything" -Middle school students

My son is in middle school at the K-8 where I work and he told me a couple of his classmates discussed that I don't do very much when they come to the medical room.

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Tips for Eating Healthy on Night Shift

Eating healthy and even losing weight while working night shift is possible, but it does take effort. Read on for tips on how to plan for nutritious meals when working overnight.

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Getting Angry When Overwhelmed, Need Advice

I’ve just realized that when I become super overwhelmed (usually only when it’s near end of shift) that I don’t handle my stress very well

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12 Days of Giveaways 2019 - LAST CHANCE!

We are getting a head start on Christmas. As a token of our appreciation, we have planned a big celebration for the Season of Giving with 12 Days of Amazing Giveaways with prizes totaling more than $1200!

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Previously failed nursing student needing advice

I am seeking advice on what to do. I was previously dismissed from a nursing program due to not passing a course twice. Although there are specific life events that made this time difficult, I do not like being the kind of person to make excuses for my own failures.

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Is it outside the scope of practice for an RN to tell another RN to call 911?

I work in the urgent care department of an outpatient facility. We make up the rapid reponse team of the building, but sometimes clinics will call our department and tell us they're sending a patient rather than paging an overhead RRT.

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Do Male Nurses Face Gender Bias in Nursing Education?

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